About Zoloworld Protective Cases

The Genuine... The Original ZOLOCASE

Zoloworld has been producing protective cases since 2008. See... back then, the idea was to keep your figures dust free and the only options available were acrylic "rail holders" and PVC "open cavity" style cases. Over time, these options would end up causing harm to the collectible.

Almost two decades ago, life long super-collector Michael Zolotorow was moving around his acrylic encased collection when a figure dropped from the top of his cabinet. The rail holding the card in place forced itself under the blister and popped it clean off. This is a nightmare to any collector and the value of that toy was diminished within a few seconds. Then, what was found out after was completely harrowing...

Mike looked over his entire cased collection and noticed that the cards started to bow and curl within the cases! These were the same cases EVERY collector was using at the time.

A month later, Mike had a dream within which he was producing protective cases for action figures, Preventing -and- Fixing the problems destroying toy collections all over the world! One week later he formed his company, ZOLOWORLD, and starting drawing up designs to flatten backer cards and protect the blister areas of action figures. Initially, he sought out an overseas factory to produce the concept.

The first case produced was the MOTURV or Masters Of The Universe (now OG case). It immediately sold out during pre-orders and when the case was in customers' hands, it was instantly adopted as "THE" protective case for MOTU MOC vintage figures. This case is still in production today (now made in the U.S.A.)
Today, ZOLOWORLD produces cost-effective, standard and FORMED FIT, protective cases that not only flatten backer cards but protect blisters while providing a seamless aesthetic. Our FF cases are the ULTIMATE protection for your action figures.

Cases are made local to the Zoloworld warehouse in Pennsylvania. This new factory produces cases to a military and pharmaceutical standard. A level of quality that a collector should expect form the best rated protective case in the industry!

The plastic material Zoloworld uses naturally offers excellent UV protection... and always has from the beginning.

There are many look-a-likes to the Zoloworld original product. We invite you to take the Zoloworld compare our products to your other protective cases, and want to hear your undiluted feedback.