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Zoloworld Action Figure Series

Check out the full range of Zoloworld 5.5" Action Figures! Realm Of The Underworld, Frazetta,  Warrior Beasts, Pirates Of The Galaxseas, Speclatron, Legends Of Darkness FlexZors and other figures in the Zoloverse.
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ZOLOWORLD FRAZETTA Fully Licensed 5.5" Figures

Enter The ZOLOVERSE with FRAZETTA Interchangeable figures! COLLECT ALL OF THEM!


Legends of Dragonore is a new and exciting line of 5.5” action figures designed to look like those found in the toy isles and toy chests of the 1980s. When action figures were simpler... yet full of creativity and fun


Zoloworld FlexZors Bendable Action Figures

Introducing FlexZors

A multidimensional vortex has opened across the galaxy! Heroes and Monsters alike are drawn to it! Once they enter this portal, their bone structure transforms, adapting to the atmosphere. The battle for planetary dominance has begun! Who will be victorious?

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